16 December 2010

After a loooong week at work I am so ready for a nice soak in the shower.  Somehow steam in a beautiful bathroom seem to make my troubles melt away.

I'm getting a little tired of my brown and blue apartment.  These pictures give me some good inspiration for the future.  Do you think my kids won't spill on my white couch?  Me either.

07 October 2010

I am in love with this Marchesa lace dress.  LC is looking pretty chic.  As well she should, as she is promoting her new book Style

Just some pictures to put into my own style memory bank for use one day.  That chandelier is amazing and I'm loving that backsplash tile. 

04 October 2010

Loving these frosted glass doors.  I'm kinda thinking I will be needing them for my future pantry.  Also loving these appliances.  Stainless all the way.

07 September 2010

sleep tight

I love these muted tones in the bedroom.  It has such a calming effect in the space.  I am so inspired by the mix of colors, especially gray.  It blends well with almost every color while almost fading away in the background.  The mirrored furinture is the cherry on top.

white out

I love me a white kichen.  Seriously it just feels so clean and open.  If you want to add color don't be afraid to add a bowl of fresh fruit or colored accesories to spice things up.  White is a perfect backdrop for pops of color yet keeps things looking clean and not cluttered.  I'm in love.

03 June 2010

ocean dream

This house right off the PCH in California is stunning.  It is actually for sale, not that I could ever even dream about affording this, but I love the colors and the elegance of the beach-inspired design.  Check out Velvet and Linen for more pictures. 

26 May 2010

outdoor oasis

These pictures are so inspiring.  The colors are perfect and the ocean is the pefect backdrop to amazingly elegant design.  I still don't know what they do with all of those pillows and cushions when it rains!  Though I love these designs it wouldn't exactly be practical in Florida to have cloth couches and pillows when it rains everyday of the summer.  Any ideas for practical outdoor design ides that are not made of PVC pipe?

pillow talk

I love this pillow.  The texture is great and it would add a little pop either in your living room or even on your bed.  Check out this BLOG to get a how-to to make your very own.

20 May 2010

where i want to be

Though my body is at work my mind is wanting to be here:
Surrounded by these:
Wrapped up with one of these:
Drinking this:

I can't think of anything better than a great couch with colorful pillows, a cashmere throw and yummy tea.  All I need now is a good book and I'll be set.

twinkle toes

I have been looking at baby clothes like crazy...partly because I have been going to a lot of baby showers and partly because all I have been thinking about lately is babies.  My mother would probably shout for joy knowing I was even thinking about children.  But who wouldn't after seeing these darling shoes.  It's crazy how fashion can even make ME want a baby.

18 May 2010

organization i have met and liked

There is nothing better than a beautifully organized stack of notebooks.  If you are anything like me your papers are piled up with ideas and phones numbers and bills all scattered every-which-place.  I try to be organized, but my organization never looks that pretty unless I throw it in my closet and shut the door.  Enter the notebook.  Though it is a little on the expensive side for a notebook I can't help but want to buy a million of these and write down all my thoughts and ideas and stack them like the picture for everyone to admire

17 May 2010

sweet dreams

Living in an apartment limits my decorating to hanging up pictures, mirrors and curtains. I am always pining over beautiful and thrify decorations that are budget and apartment-deposit friendly. I saw this headboard and think that I have found a small project to keep me occupied.

Check out the super cute blog All Things Thrify to find out how they created this marvelous headboard. 

11 May 2010

stop and enjoy the view

The view from my apartment is nothing like these, but sometimes looking at the view gives us a little perspective.


Reese Witherspoon has always, to me, been a fashion inspiration.  She is a mom and an extreemely sucessful actor and she pulls off day or evening wear flawlessly.  I want to try to pull off her casual looks more in my own style.
This last picture is more of a picture of Reese's accessory...Jake.  You can't leave home without a little bit of arm candy :)

06 May 2010

hello color

I heart COLOR.  Sometimes you just need a bit of spice in your life.